Changing parameters and the conversion in family- and labour market structures has massively changed the requirements and demands of day nurseries. That applies apart from pedagogical concepts mainly for the building's design, which is determined for room acoustics, room climate, health-promotional room design and intelligent utilization concepts. In other words: for the daily well-being of kids, educators and parents. No wonder at all, that particularly for day nurseries wood is more and more the best choice.

Wood is offering a significant added value in sustainability and CO2-balance. Because of our special production method wood turns out to construction material with turbo engine. Due to our own production line for large dimensioned components we are able to realise storey-high timber constructed system walls. Herewith we can reduce we whole construction process at constant quality, with high individualisation and functionality.

And if space requirements should change during usage time: pre-fabricated components allow a quick adaptation on anyone's need - even during active operation.