Industry and commerce

Wrist, Germany

Renovation of and extension of an Edeka supermarket

Building works during running operation, customer: P. Meyer GmbH & Co. KG

Key facts
Surface area 2,961 m²
Construction periodTen months
ServicesFrom demolition to turnkey handover

While in running operation, an Edeka supermarket was renovated and extended, with access for supermarket customers and suppliers ensured at all times. The annexes were executed as a closed building shell, after which the technical systems were installed and connected to the existing building and systems. Paintwork and flooring etc. were then added to the building shell.

A dust screen was installed to separate the annex from the old building for the demolition of an old external wall so that the old and new buildings could ultimately be seamlessly connected. The front of the supermarket was also extended to create an additional entrance space with a conservatory.