Industry and commerce

Ahrensburg, Germany

New build of a Toom hardware store

Turnkey completion under the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) certification system, customer: May & Co. LUPUS II GmbH & CO. KG

Key facts
Surface area 9,000 m²
Construction periodEleven months
ServicesTurnkey new build

A new hardware store was built in Ahrensburg with a sales floor that is divided into a pure hardware section, a garden centre and a greenhouse, as well as an open sales space. The roof structure of the new build consists of 24 glued laminated timber trusses of varying lengths and sizes and various glued laminated timber joists.

In total the carpenters installed around 250 m³ of PEFC-certified spruce.

The building is setting new technical, ecological, economic and functional standards. It offers owners and users more comfort, lower running costs and a higher market value. That is why it has been awarded a DGNB Certificate in Gold.