Hall Building

Westerrönfeld, Germany

New build of a storage hall for grit

Retaining walls made of glued laminated timber beams and facade with larch board cladding, customer: Plus Pohl GmbH

Key facts
Surface area 250 m²
Construction periodOne and a half months
ServicesConcrete work and carpentry

The hall has a surface area of approx. 250 m² and is used to store grit (road salt). The roof ridge is a good eleven metres high, framed by retaining walls that are 3.50 metres high and made of glued laminated timber beams, with a multilayer board in front. The facade features larch board cladding.

A double sliding door based on a mortised timber frame structure was installed to allow for loading and unloading. The fleet can be parked in a 120 m² outbuilding.