The one thing our projects have in common? They are all a little bit different!

Our range of services.

Whether you are looking for our help with a new build or an extension, you can rely on us to come up with a concept for every single project and to work together to create a truly unique solution. Our precision at the planning stage filters through into every stage of the project. And we don’t get lost in the kinds of details that waste time and money along the way. We have our sights firmly set on working in the most cost-effective way possible. We will be by your side every step of the way, keeping one eye on the financial side of things and offering you guidance when it comes to the choice of plot, budgets, materials, building layout, fire protection and planning permission.

Industry and commerce

Cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, functionality and completion on schedule are the four key requirements for industrial and commercial construction projects. Plus, we put extra effort into ensuring that we work with you to create a building that fits in perfectly with you and your unique company. Whether we are working on a simple hall project or a complex logistics facility, we promise the passion we put into it will be the same.


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With applications ranging from keeping specific species of animals to storing fertiliser or machinery and vehicle fleets, the requirements for agricultural buildings vary greatly. We take all of your specific needs into account and offer you the perfect solution for your construction project.


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Riding facilities and stables

With a focus on creating light, airy, natural spaces, our complete solutions for riding facilities are designed with the specific requirements of horses and riders in mind. Planning and construction is based around optimising the investment and maintenance costs from the outset.

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We know that special projects require special solutions, which is why we take care and pay extremely close attention to detail when planning and working on every conversion, extension and renovation task we take on. We assess the existing building infrastructure and offer you advice on the best course of action, which we go on to implement for you with skill and professionalism. When it comes to new builds, we offer our expertise every step of the way, from the planning stage to the moment we hand over the keys.

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Special structures

We love buildings with a unique character. Thanks to the production technology we have at our disposal and our passion for jobs that are that bit different, we always jump at the chance to get involved in projects that are one of a kind in terms of their construction or design.

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Glued laminated timber

Given that we specialise in the production of strong glued laminated timber for wide spans, you can be sure that we have the required expert knowledge when it comes to any aspect of load-bearing constructions. Building renovation work often involves structural challenges and requires some specific expertise. Our certified experience in restoring supporting structures teamed with our engineering know-how puts us in a strong position to tackle challenges head on – no matter what the span or size.

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Smart Modular Building

Efficient prefabrication at our plant, quick on-site construction, easy installation and flexible options for use – that is what intelligent modular building means. Our self-developed system for element-based costruction is using all capabilities of modular timber construction.

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