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Groundbreaking: Hermann-Ehlers-Foundation builds residential home for 155 students. Schütt as general constructor.

"As a project with model character commended K. Prien, minister of education, the residential home of the Hermann-Ehlers-Foundation, which will be built on the former professor’s parking place of the Christian-Albrechts-University", A. Steinmetz has written in the "Kieler News", dated December 12, 2017.

On December 11, 2017 the foundation stone for the construction works was done with the first groundbreaking. The complete residential home will be developed in wooden construction by Schütt. All wooden components will be prefabricated in the new manufacturing hall in Landscheide-Flethsee and will be delivered just-in-time to the construction site in Kiel. On four floors 127 single apartments with en-suite bathroom and kitchen as well as seven apartments for residential communities are being built.  

We are looking forward to the cooperation with all other companies involved in the construction work!


Off they go: DHL delivery base is moving

"Lucky in yellow: The new delivery base on the former Alsen premises is much brighter and clearer than the rooms at the old location in Oelixdorfer Street. All 54 employees are delighted."

Here you will find the complete article from Norddeutsche Rundschau (in German)

11. August 2017

Welcome on board: young prospective craftsmen.

On August 1st our new apprentices have started their apprenticeship. For the next three years they will be tought the ambitious handicraft of carpenters respectively bricklayers. We are happy to welcome you! The group photo shows our collegue Matthias Noffke (master carpenter) together with the apprentices Tjorben Luschnat (carpenter), Thanawut Uam-Ian (bricklayer), Till Enstipp (carpenter) and Ben Moritz (carpenter) (left to right).

10. Juli 2017

Three cheers: Celebrating final examination success.

It seems like only yesterday that they were starting out, and now they’ve gone and got their diplomas! Having completed their training successfully, Janek, Lucas and Katharina all proudly stepped up to collect that all-important certificate at the official ceremony. And we looked on at our three former fledglings with great pride. Katharina will be carrying on with her dual-study course at the office, whilst Janek and Lucas will be working with our carpentry crews. We’re thrilled that they’re all staying on with us!

10. July 2017

A good deed: Youths promote peace with a shift at our facilities.

Last Friday, Marvin, Theo, Onno and Bruno completed their ‘volunteer day’ at our production facilities on behalf of the Schüler Helfen Leben foundation. They traded their classroom for a workroom for a day and donated their earnings to one of the current aid projects. Schüler Helfen Leben is a German youth initiative that was formed in 1992 during the war in what was Yugoslavia. Back then, German school kids started gathering essential supplies to take to the conflict zone as well as helping to rebuild schools and nurseries. Now the organisation’s work focuses on promoting peace and supporting youth and education projects in south-east Europe and Jordan. We are very happy to support this fantastic initiative and hope that our four young workers enjoyed their time with us.

10. July 2017

The next generation: The graduating class of the Juliengardeweg nursery pays us a visit.

Building with wood is cool. And we’re not just saying that, as the children from the Evangelical Juliengardeweg nursery found out during their recent visit to our site. It’s become a bit of a tradition in recent years to invite the children in their final year at the nursery to come for a short guided tour of the factory and stay for breakfast afterwards – and this year was no exception. Once again, it was great fun showing the little ones around our production halls. And maybe next time someone asks them what they want to be when they grow up, one of these soon-to-be primary school pupils will proudly say, ‘Wood-building specialist!’ without any hesitation. Now that would make our day!

12. January 2017

A 2,880-square-metre future: The shell for our new production hall is standing!

On 16 December 2016, we reached another important milestone in our company’s history. The time had come to hang the wreath to mark the topping out of our new production hall, meaning that we are a big step closer to making our dream of growth and increased possibilities a reality. Our new production hall for element-based construction has been erected on a plot measuring 48 × 60 metres, right next to our existing hall. This is where assembly-ready wood construction system walls will in future be prefabricated on a new production line, allowing us to complete building projects with even more efficiency and ease. And we won’t be compromising on our unwavering quality standards and will still be offering plenty of options for customisation. We always look forward with excited anticipation. Now the future is looking even brighter.

Our topping out ceremony was also covered by the local press, featuring in the Wilstersche Zeitung newspaper.