In good hands from the start.

From the idea to the contract: five steps to forming a partnership.

Everyone can see what happens on a building site. But what exactly happens before construction work begins? What details have to be considered, sorted and arranged? And who takes care of it all?

To make sure that your building project is in good hands from the start, we have defined clear planning steps that give you the greatest possible transparency and peace of mind.

1 / The idea

The client’s wishes
Whether a new build, extension or conversion, it all starts with your idea. And we listen very carefully to it.

Needs analysis
We get together with you to discuss your space-related needs and analyse your usage requirements. Our expertise and experience will help us to transform your ideas and wishes into specific project requirements.

Plot advice
If you are still looking for a suitable plot of land, we will be happy to help you make the right choice and advise you on matters relating to the development of the plot and its potential.

Time frame

When would you like to start using your building? We take into consideration the important project stages and draw up an initial timetable for you.

2 / The concept

Planning law
Our architects attend to all planning permission requirements for the chosen plot of land. Is there a land use plan? How big can the building be? Do other requirements, such as noise control and environmental protection, have to be taken into consideration?

Site plan and layout concepts
In due consideration of the determined project requirements and applicable building law, we produce initial site plan and layout concepts.

3 / The budget

We will give you an idea of the costs based on the produced concept. This will be supplemented by a breakdown of other likely expenses, such as regulatory fees, property connection costs and development costs. This cost summary will serve as an important guide for your investment planning and give you a basis for meetings regarding financing.

4 / The detail

Further steps to add detail to the plans are needed in order to be able to give you a firm quote and rule out any unexpected risks.

Ground inspection and foundation concept
If not already done, we will arrange a ground inspection for your plot of land. This takes the form of a geotechnical report that provides detailed information about the soil and groundwater conditions. Among other things, this makes it possible to determine the bearing capacity of the soil so that a suitable foundation concept can be produced.

Design plan
In close collaboration with you, our firm of architects will develop a tailored design plan for your building on the basis of the concepts produced under section two. This plan includes the layout, elevation and sectional drawings and, upon request, 3D visualisations.

Building technology
Our plans always take into consideration the latest requirements of the German energy saving ordinance (Energieeinsparverordnung, EnEV). We will make various suggestions for the building’s technical equipment, depending on what it will be used for. When working out a more complex energy concept, we draw on our network of specialist planners.

Fire safety concept
We produce a fire safety concept based on regulatory provisions and guidelines, taking into consideration your individual project requirements.

Building permission planning (optional)
Upon request, the building application can be submitted during this phase.

5 / The contract

We will give you a firm quote for your building on the basis of the various results and the final discussions on the scope of services you require. Together with the payment plan and timetable drawn up by us, you will now have all the documentation needed to make a decision.

This will also form the basis of our contract alongside the design plans.

By signing this contract, we enter into a partnership in which we assume responsibility for ensuring that your building project is professionally completed on time and within budget.