Schütt means wood.

We have been working with wood for over 100 years now. Ever since our company was first founded, we have kept it in the family. And we have always taken care to pass our special relationship with this unique material down through the generations. Looking back at our history, our very own blend of hard work, pragmatism and innovation has shaped our actions every step of the way. Whilst we can look back at the past with pride, we have always got our sights firmly set on the future.

Sure, experience is crucial. But what is even more important is the ability to question what we already know and try out new approaches. This way, we will never stop getting better.

Five generations of Schütt.

Our roots and our future are in wood.


Johann Schütt founds a carpentry workshop in St. Margarethen; in the same year, the company moves to its present location upon completion of the railway station in Flethsee.

Johann Schütt


Sons Johann and Carsten take over operations, and the company name becomes ‘Gebrüder Schütt’ (Schütt Bros).


Johann leaves the company and his brother Hinrich joins to help the family company.

Hinrich Schütt


Hinrich’s son Martin joins the company as an engineer.

Martin Schütt


Martin Schütt takes over operations. In addition to carpentry, the company now works with coal and briquettes.


His son Claus returns to the company to work with his father upon completing his training as an architect and master carpenter.

Claus Schütt


The company obtains certification for glued timber (‘Leimgenehmigung’) and begins production of glued laminated timber.


Claus Schütt takes over the family company and brings it to its fourth generation. Under his leadership, the company grows into a transregional construction enterprise, with production facilities constantly being expanded.


Claus’ older brother Hans Schütt, an engineer, joins the company and sets up the engineering office.

Hans Schütt


The company has grown to over one hundred employees and constructs halls and structures all over the country.


Hans Schütt retires. Claus Schütt’s nephew Tillmann Schütt, also an engineer, joins the company and then takes over the management of the company from his uncle two years later.

Tillmann Schütt


The company obtains certification for the Danish market; as the only German manufacturer, Gebr. Schütt KG delivers curved glued laminated timber to Denmark.


Claus Schütt hands over the family company to his nephew Tillmann Schütt, bringing the company to its fifth generation. The new fully automatic joinery machine is commissioned.


The company obtains CE certification under DIN EN 14080:2005-9 ‘Timber structures. Glued laminated timber. Requirements’


The company achieves pre-qualification status for proof of suitable for public building contracts and joins the PQ list of the Verein für die Präqualifikation von Bauunternehmen e.V. (association of pre-qualified construction companies).


The annex to the joinery hall opens for business to expand the company’s prefabrication capacity.


Glued laminated timber production undergoes extensive modernisation.


Gebr. Schütt marks 125 years of existence in a fitting celebration. The company obtains its PEFC certificate.


The new heating system and new chip silo are installed. The employee lounge/visitors’ area is extensively modernised.


The company gets a new image.


A new production hall for element-based construction is completed.